I love making someone's day. Not for self-reward or praise, but the feeling that I was a part in making someone feel amazing. I have found this feeling most often by being an artist.

Not often in our society are we on the receiving end of gentle touch. We are bumped into at the grocery store, uncomfortably poked at the dentist, literally pulled in every direction by family, friends, and jobs. At the end of the day we are left exhausted. How nice is the unexpected hug . . . the calm moment . . . a caring gesture.

The salon experience has become too much like our daily lives, and less like a tranquil escape. Limited connection and communication can turn what should be the most relaxing minutes into a stressful experience.

It's my passion to provide excellent technique and service with a fresh, calm approach. You are my canvas…your individual beauty, my inspiration. How you feel leaving my studio may affect your entire day. Because of this, I know my job is an important one. My job IS making your day.

-- Sarah


Aveda Fredric's Institute - Cincinnati, OH


Oscar Bond Salon - SoHo, NY

.Summer Internship

MakeUp Designory - Los Angeles, CA

.Special Effects & Beauty Makeup


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